Alcohol Wholesale License Essentials

Here’s a quick overview of the Alcohol Wholesale License gathered from Rezzonator Services’ experience of helping thousands of clients get licensed and start operating. As usual, every case is different so contact us with your specific situation. For a limited time you can take advantage of our FREE Consultation.

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License Types

Wholesaler licenses or known as distributor licenses or supplier licenses. And they’re broken down into four main categories liquor or distilled spirits, wholesalers, wine wholesalers, beer wholesalers and cider wholesalers. A wholesaler is the entity, party or person that sells to retailers such as bars, restaurants or liquor stores, as opposed to selling directly to consumers.

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Ways To Do Business

There are a few ways to do business as a wholesaler.

The wholesaler license can be standalone license, but depending on the state, it can be combined with an importer license, which allows the wholesaler to resell the products that he or she has imported.

In a similar way, a contract manufacturer can obtain a wholesaler license to sell the product that he or she has manufactured.

Yet another way to do business is to combine your wholesaler license with an exporter license. This allows you to purchase liquor for resale in other countries.

Check out our website for more information or manufacturing, exporting and importing licenses. Or call one of our liquor license specialists for more details.

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Depending on state regulations, wholesalers may have to be licensed at two levels, first at the federal level and second at the state level. It is important to have both licenses before you begin business

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Another thing to consider when becoming a wholesaler is the location requirements.


Most states require that you have a minimum office space for books and records.

Office and Warehouse

Other states require that you have an office and a warehouse in the state where you will do business.

Home Office

While some more lenient states allow you to operate out of a home office with certain restrictions, becoming a wholesaler is a great way to get started in the alcoholic beverage industry.

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