Sell Your New York LIQUOR STORE

If you’re looking to sell your Liquor Store or Wine Store located in New York, then you need to list it with us.

Here are just a few reasons why:

It’s absolutely FREE

All listings are free. There are no fees associated with listings whatsoever.

All we list are Liquor Stores for sale

We don’t put your business up along with “Internet businesses” or “gas stations” for sale. This means you can get higher quality potential buyers instead of the usual time wasters that come from general aggregate sites that list your business.

We help the buyer get licensed and make the transaction smoother

The majority of deals fall through because of licensing issues on the part of the buyer. Unlike other places that list your store and provide no assistance, we make help the buyer get licensed and thereby help you close the deal.

We help the seller (you) overcome obstacles that come up when selling their business

Because we’re Liquor Store licensing experts we can help make sure you are compliant and don’t open yourself up to problems when selling your Liquor Store business.

We don’t take any commission from the sale

Your sale is your sale. We take no commission whatsoever. We do the licensing that is required when the business “changes hands”. The fees for this process are usually paid by the buyer. You, as the seller, don’t pay anything.



Sometimes it makes sense to get out of the Liquor Store business. But that doesn’t mean that the business and clintele you’ve built for years should go to waste. Finding a buyer can turn a close-out into a profitable event.

Rezzonator Services is the premier Liquor Store licensing firm for New York State. As such we have many clients that are looking to buy liquor stores.

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