Alcohol Taxes Filing Service


  • Importers
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers
  • Fast Filing
  • Minimize Audits
  • Invoice Integration

Alcohol Taxes Filing Service

  • Importers
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers
  • Fast Filing
  • Minimize Audits
  • Invoice Integration

Alcohol Taxes, Reporting And Compliance for Beer, Wine and Hard Liquor

If you are a manufacturer, importer or wholesaler of alcohol you will need to pay or declare taxes. Because alcohol is considered a controlled substance, meticulous records must be kept for your business.

Here at Rezzonator Services we work with importers, wholesalers, and producers (aka breweries, wineries, distilleries, meaderies and cideries) of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you are a small operation just starting off, or an already-running business, our experts can help with your licensing and compliance needs. Our services range from assistance in obtaining your licenses, to getting your product approved and ready for market, to compliance needs such as tax and audit preparation, or changes on current licenses and registrations. See our list of Services below.

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Our Services


  • State Winery License
  • State Farm Winery License
  • State Micro Winery License
  • Winery Federal Licenses
  • Federal Winery Operation Reports
  • State Winery Operation Reports
  • Sales and Use Tax & Reporting and Filing
  • Excise Tax & Reporting & Filing
  • Contract Manufacturing Agreements & Compliance
  • Direct to Consumer Sales Management and Compliance


  • State Brewery Licenses
  • State Micro or Craft Brewery License
  • State Farm Brewery License
  • Federal Brewery Operation Reports
  • State Brewery Operation Reports
  • Sales and Use Tax & Reporting
  • Excise Tax & Reporting
  • Direct to Consumer Sales Management and Compliance
  • Contract Manufacturing Agreements & Compliance


  • State Micro or Craft Distillery License
  • State Farm Distillery License
  • Federal Distillery Operation Reports
  • State Distillery Operation Reports
  • Sales and Use Tax & Reporting
  • Excise Tax & Reporting
  • Contract Manufacturing Agreements & Compliance


  • Gallonage Reporting
  • Sales and Use Tax & Reporting and Filing
  • Excise Tax & Reporting & Filing


  • Territorial Agreements
  • Price Posting
  • Sales and Use Tax & Reporting and Filing
  • Excise Tax & Reporting & Filing


  • Sales Person Licensing (Solicitor Permits)
  • Labeling Compliance
  • Transfer In Bond Approvals
  • Bond and Insurance Needs


  • Label Design
  • Label Changes – Size Changes
  • New Product Registration
  • Alcohol Packaging Approval
  • Flavor and Additives Approvals
  • Formulation Approvals


  • Domestic Food Facility Registrations
  • Pre-Import Notices
  • Foreign Food Facility Registrations
  • Registered Agent Services

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Automate your Tax Filing & Reporting Today!

For businesses in the alcoholic beverage industry, the compliance paperwork can add up quickly. From sales and use taxes, to excise tax filings, to gallonage reports, and shipping reports (just to name a few).

Filing these reports can be complex and time consuming taking you away from what is important: running your business.

With Rezzonator Services on your side, you can automate all of your tax filing and reporting needs in one place. Our Services can help you:

  • AVOID mistakes on reports
  • AVOID missing filing deadlines
  • AVOID late filing penalties
  • AVOID additional taxes due to reporting or filing issues.
  • AVOID unnecessary audits from the Federal and State Agencies
  • SAVE TIME each month by allowing Winthrop Tracker
  • RECEIVE ALERTS with important due dates and reminders of reports that have not been filed, or are still in processing

Live Support

With Rezzonator Services you can rest assured that you have a compliance specialist to ensure your filings are done right EVERY TIME.

Rather than a “one size fits all” solution, we offer you access to a dedicated specialist. This ensures that you have someone on your side who understands your business and its unique activity. With this customized approach, you can be sure that your reports and taxes are getting the individual attention they require.

Analytics and Future Planning

Our robust analytics system allows you to see all of your company information and reports quickly and easily so that you can make important decisions about the growth of your business.


  • Track stock seamlessly to ensure you always have what you need on hand before making a sale
  • See your sales trends with the click of a button
  • Smart Learning allows our software to predict sales of your business based on current data
  • Shipping Integration
  • Cross reference supplier and vendor data as well as manage raw materials and other items purchased to run your business



A licensed establishment where beer is produced.


A licensed establishment where “hard” cider is produced.


A licensed establishment where spirits are produced.


A licensed establishment where mead is produced.


A licensed establishment where wine is produced.


A person or company that brings alcoholic beverages into the United States for the purposes of resale. Generally, importers sell to wholesalers.


A person or company that sells alcoholic beverages to the public. Retailers include bars, restaurants, liquor stores, taverns, etc. Generally, retailer must purchase alcoholic beverages from a wholesaler. WHOLESALER – A person or company that sells alcoholic beverages in large quantities at a lower or “bulk” price. Generally, wholesalers sell alcoholic beverages to retailers.

COLA – (Certificate of Label Approval)

A Certificate issued by the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau stating that the label on your alcohol product conforms to Federal Laws and Regulations. There is an EXEMPTION to this certificate for certain products under a particular alcohol percentage, or products sold in a certain area. Even if the product is exempt, a certificate must be obtained confirming the exemption.


Similar to a COLA, this is a registration required by the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. In short it is a recipe or list of ingredients as well as a method of production for your alcoholic beverage. Some ways that the Formula is used by TTB are 1) to ensure that your product is safe for human consumption, 2) to ensure that your product does not include prohibited ingredients 3) to classify the product for tax purposes.


An application made to the Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau when the owner of a distillery wishes to have spirits or denatured spirits transferred to his premises from another premises “in bond” where the tax has not been paid on the product.


A common term in the alcoholic beverage industry describing the prohibition of “tied house” arrangements where there is overlapping ownership or interest in the manufacture, distribution, and retail sale of alcoholic beverages. Under “tied house” manufacturers such as breweries, wineries, or distilleries are prohibited from having a financial interest in distributors or retailers. Some exceptions to this rule apply pending on the State where the business is located.

Other Liquor Related Licenses And Issues – Federal Alcohol Permit

Depending on your specific circumstances you might need to have what’s popularly known as a Federal Liquor License. This can apply to you especially if you’re a manufacturer of alcohol, wholesaler or if you’d like to do import and export alcoholic beverages. The Federal Permit is just as important as your New York State license because it is essential in order for you to operate your business. We can get both your NY State Liquor License and Federal Permit simultaneously saving you time and headaches. Call us and find out if this permit applies to you and how we can help.

The right to sell liquor is something that many business people in the industry take for granted. Once you have your license make sure that you follow and respect all the rules that apply to your specific class.

If you are selling to the public, make sure you check ID’s. If you are a wholesaler, make sure you keep tabs on the sales and the taxes that you owe. Getting your own accountant is an important part of the process.

Warning For Retailers

Please remember that the Liquor Authority takes selling alcohol to minors very seriously. Just because someone looks older doesn’t mean that he or she is.

Such violations can attract heavy penalties and may shut down your business permanently. Make sure to ID any and all persons.

Need Another Type Of License? Let Us Know

Above, you will find a general list of the licenses that we assist our customers with, if there is a license that you need and it is not listed above, feel free to call us or send us an e-mail.

From Hair Salons to Auto Body Shops to Electronics Stores (and everything in between), all need proper licenses in order for you to be able to properly operate the business.

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