Alcohol Transport Permit – How To Get Licensed and Start Transporting Liquor, Wine and Beer

Let’s explore about something that’s crucial to your alcohol distribution business, transportation permits. As always, call the alcohol transport permit experts at Rezzonator Services with your particular situation to licensed fast. Now let’s dive in.

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When and Where You Need An Alcohol Permit for Trucking?

It is important to understand that every state has different regulations when it comes to alcohol transport. In some cases, you need the permit from the state the alcohol is going to. In other cases, you need it from the state the alcohol is coming from. You might also need licenses from states where the alcohol passes through, even though that state is neither the origin or the destination of the shipment.

Transporting without a permit can lead to fines and penalties. Even worse, it can result in the destruction or confiscation of your alcohol. Therefore, it’s essential to get this right. As always, Rezzonator Services can help you navigate which license is right for your situation.

Myth Busting

Before we go further, let’s dispel a myth. You might think that major mail carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS or DHL can ship your alcohol. But that’s not the case. You need specific transportation permits as an importer or wholesaler of alcohol. You have two choices. You can obtain your own permit. This is typically held under the same company that holds your liquor license.

The other option is to hire an existing transportation company. But if you choose to hire a transport company, make sure they’re licensed for alcohol transport. Not all transportation companies are permitted to carry alcohol. If you’re a transportation company then adding a liquor transportation license can yield extra profits.

And here’s another thing. The specific vehicle that will transport the alcohol has to be disclosed to the state, in most cases via a VIN or vehicle ID number.

For larger operations with over four trucks or vehicles on the road, we typically have fleet permits. A fleet permit is beneficial because it means all your vehicles can be licensed under one permit and they would each have the same expiration dates. This makes it easier to track and maintain registrations. Call us to see if this option is right for you.

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Permit Scope and Duration

Transportation permits can be obtained as a one, two or three year permit, depending on the issuing state. Some states, like New Jersey, even have a per load permit, which is valid to transport one load at a time. Remember, around 50% of the lower 48 states require a license or permit to transport alcohol into through or out of the state.

The scope of the permit or license varies as well. Some states only require a transport permit for certain types of alcohol, but not for others. It’s crucial to pay attention to each state’s rules and regulations to avoid any roadside surprises. Get in touch with one of our licensing specialists to see what would work in your situation.

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Alcohol Trucking License Benefits

Now let’s talk about the silver lining for alcohol wholesalers that emerged during a challenging time. The COVID 19 pandemic brought about an unexpected boost to the alcohol industry. From March to September 2020, there were $41.9 billion in liquor store sales in the U.S. That’s an increase of 20% compared to the same period in 2019. And 18% compared to the previous seven month period. This increase wasn’t just limited to one type of alcohol, beer, wine and liquor. All saw a rise in sales, indicating an increase in home drinking. So despite the challenges, the alcohol wholesale business has proven to be resilient and profitable.

With the right strategy and a keen understanding of trends, you can turn these opportunities into success. Expanding to new markets can be an exciting time, but understanding licensing requirements, the states that require permits to transport alcohol and all the nuances of distribution must come first. Stay informed, stay compliant and get in touch with Rezzonator Services to get your permits fast and start rolling.

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