Pennsylvania Expands Happy Hours and Discounts for Bars and Restaurants

by | Jul 11, 2024 | News

Pennsylvania is set to boost its hospitality industry with significant changes to its liquor laws. These changes, recently signed into law by Governor Josh Shapiro, allow bars and restaurants to offer longer happy hours and more extensive discounts, providing a much-needed economic boost.

The new legislation increases the allowable happy hours from 14 to 24 hours per week. This change gives bar and restaurant owners more flexibility to attract customers during off-peak times, potentially increasing patronage and revenue.

Additionally, the law makes permanent the temporary pandemic-era measure that expanded outdoor seating for alcohol service. This move not only supports businesses but also caters to the ongoing preference for outdoor dining.

Another significant change is the inclusion of alcoholic beverages in discounted combo meals and event tickets. Establishments can now offer up to two drinks as part of meal deals or include them in the cost of event tickets, making dining out more appealing and affordable for customers.

Pennsylvania Expands Happy Hours and Discounts for Bars and Restaurants

The aim of these changes is to help the hospitality industry recover from the pandemic’s impact. Despite the gradual return to normalcy, many restaurants and bars still face challenges in drawing customers back. By providing more opportunities for discounts and extended service hours, the state hopes to stimulate business growth and economic recovery.

With these updates, Pennsylvania joins other states in modernizing its liquor laws to better support local businesses and meet consumer demand. The changes are expected to take effect 60 days from the signing of the legislation, giving establishments time to adjust their operations and marketing strategies.

For patrons, these new laws mean more opportunities to enjoy happy hours and special deals, enhancing the overall dining and social experience. For business owners, the flexibility to offer extended happy hours and include drinks in special offers is a welcome change that could lead to increased customer engagement and higher sales.

In summary, Pennsylvania’s new liquor laws are a strategic move to rejuvenate the state’s bar and restaurant scene, ensuring that businesses can thrive in a post-pandemic world.

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