How To Open A Liquor Store In New York – A Complete Guide

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The Liquor Store industry isn’t just profitable—it’s booming. Want proof? Here’s a quick glimpse that showcases its undeniable appeal:

When 2020 ushered in the Covid-19 pandemic, many sectors, including hospitality and dining, faced challenges. But amidst this turbulence, alcohol sales soared. It’s clear: Americans have a penchant for their favorite beverages, in good times and bad.

This suggests that a Liquor Store is nearly invincible, thriving even in challenging climates. However, its success hinges on the right execution.

Drawing from our vast experience in Liquor Store licensing, we’ve curated this guide. It’s a culmination of insights from assisting numerous clients in launching successful Liquor Stores across New York State. And remember, for a limited time you can get a Free 15 Minute Consultation whenever you need.

Acquiring a Liquor Store License in New York is at the discretion of the NYSLA, with a focus on public convenience. Given the industry’s lucrative nature, the entry criteria are stringent. So, follow the steps below with precision. If you’re ever in doubt, our licensing experts are just a call away. It’s always wiser to sidestep pitfalls than to rectify them later.


Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right location for your liquor store is paramount. All too often, clients are swayed by a spot’s charm, only to face challenges later. The right location can be the linchpin for your Liquor Store License application and the future success of your business.

As you scout for that ideal spot, here are some essential considerations. If you’ve already picked a location, use this checklist to ensure it aligns with these vital criteria.


Is your location buzzing with potential customers? In urban settings, foot traffic is key. You want a spot where city-goers naturally stroll by. But in rural upstate NY, foot traffic might be sparse. Here, people often drive to their destinations. If that’s your scenario, ensure you’re on a main road, frequented by commuters and travelers.

Essentially, you need a location where people, whether walking or driving, regularly pass by. It’s the quickest way to grow your customer base.

Choosing a secluded spot with minimal traffic? That’s a challenging path, and one best avoided.

Considering Your Commute

It might sound surprising, but your personal commute matters. Launching a new business demands your attention and time. Imagine losing two hours daily to traffic. Unless you’re thinking of handing over the reins entirely – which isn’t advisable for newcomers – you’ll be at the heart of daily operations.

A distant, picturesque location might seem appealing, but remember: you’re the engine driving your business. Lengthy commutes not only eat into your productive hours but can also drain your energy, leaving you less equipped to tackle the challenges of your new venture.

On the flip side, don’t be swayed to pick a subpar spot just because it’s a stone’s throw away.

The key? Find a sweet spot between a prime business location and a manageable commute.

Understanding The Locale

Your future clientele? They’re likely right next door. Take a drive around your potential location. Are there residential buildings, homes, or apartments nearby? If so, you’re in luck. These residents could become the backbone of your customer base.

However, if you’re eyeing a spot in a predominantly commercial zone, tread cautiously. Sure, daytime might buzz with office workers, but will they be your patrons? Often, they head home to their local neighborhoods for their evening purchases.

It’s crucial to get a real feel for the area. Spend time there, both during the day and evening, to gauge the crowd and its preferences.

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Proximity to Religious and Educational Institutions

When it comes to securing a liquor store license, the 200-foot rule is pivotal. This regulation mandates that your store cannot be within 200 feet of a church, place of worship, or school. Adherence to this rule is stringent, but there are occasional exceptions.

This brings us to our next point…

The Value Of The Location Report

The success and licensing of a liquor store hinge on numerous factors. That’s where Rezzonator Services steps in. We strongly advise obtaining a comprehensive location report before finalizing your spot. This proactive step can shield you from unforeseen expenses, license rejections, and even potential business closures.

Reach out to discuss your specific needs and learn more about how our location report can benefit your establishment.

Liquor License in New York

Considering Space and Design

It’s a common misconception that any space will do for a liquor store, as long as business operations are feasible. However, the size and layout of your store play a pivotal role, especially when it comes to licensing:

  • The Expansive Store – A vast space demands significant considerations:
    • Investment: It’s challenging to argue for a 10,000 square foot store with a modest starting budget of around $20k.
    • Customer Base: Such a large store implies a bustling customer flow. It’s hard to justify a massive space in a less populated area.
  • The Compact Store – On the flip side, a tiny space brings its own set of challenges:
    • Inventory: Even a small store needs adequate storage for stock.
    • External Storage: Thinking of storing excess stock at home or another business? Think again. Any off-site alcohol storage requires its own license. Using a corner of your uncle’s spacious warehouse isn’t an option without the proper permits.
  • Entrance Logistics – The design and number of entrances matter. For instance, a corner store with doors on both streets might face licensing hurdles. Sometimes, adjustments, like sealing off one entrance, might be necessary for licensing approval.

Understanding the Licensing Triad: You, Your Business, and Your Location

We’ve delved into the significance of location. Now, let’s shift our focus to the other pillars of the licensing process: you and your business entity.

Choosing the Right Business Structure

Most of our clients lean towards establishing a Corporation due to its inherent flexibility. However, some opt for an LLC. Both are viable, but it’s crucial to ensure all aspects of the LLC are correctly set up.

Potential challenges with your business structure might arise if:

  • The company is publicly traded.
  • The company comprises more than three members. While there’s no cap on members, a larger group necessitates specific procedures for licensing.
  • The primary operator of the Liquor Store holds a minority stake in the company.
  • Any member has interests in another Liquor Store. It’s essential to note that no member should have stakes in multiple Liquor Stores. For clarity on your unique situation, reach out to us.

Member Eligibility Criteria

Certain factors can hinder your path to obtaining a Liquor Store License:

  • Felony convictions can be a roadblock. However, there are instances where this might not be an absolute barrier. For guidance, consult our experts at Rezzonator Services.
  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old, and age does factor into the decision.
  • You should either be a U.S. Citizen or a legal resident. In some scenarios, even a business visa might suffice, but it’s case-dependent.

Other prerequisites relate to your financial standing and your role in the new venture. We’re here to discuss and guide you through these intricacies.

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The Advantage of a Temporary License

In specific scenarios, you might be eligible for a temporary license, allowing you to commence operations within just 30 days. This swift start is exclusively available if you’ve purchased an existing Liquor Store and have filed your application within a month from finalizing the sales contract.

Purchasing a Liquor Store: A Strategic Entry

Acquiring an existing Liquor Store comes with its set of perks. Beyond the potential for a temporary license, a location with a commendable track record can simplify the process of securing a permanent license. The community’s familiarity with a Liquor Store at that specific spot can bolster your application’s chances.

Moreover, stepping into an established business can offer an immediate customer base, ensuring you hit the ground running.

However, a word of caution is in order: Purchasing a Liquor Store means inheriting its past, warts and all. Proper due diligence is crucial. With the expertise of Rezzonator Services by your side, potential pitfalls can be identified, reduced, or even eradicated.

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Debunking the Credit Score Myth

While many assume a stellar credit score is essential for obtaining a Liquor Store License, that’s not the case. However, once your store is up and running, suppliers will assess your credit score to determine payment terms. A commendable score might earn you a 30-day payment window, but a lower score could mean you’re paying cash on delivery.

Liquor License in New York

Stand Out with Distinctive Offerings

Diversify your inventory with unique beverages. Go beyond the mainstream and curate a selection that resonates with your clientele.

For instance, if your store is in a predominantly Jamaican neighborhood, stock up on exclusive Jamaican beverages. Not only does this strategy attract customers, but it also strengthens your license application. Remember, licenses are granted based on public convenience, and offering something unique can tip the scales in your favor.

The Edge with Rezzonator Services

Navigating the intricacies of the liquor business can be overwhelming. While it promises lucrative returns, the journey isn’t always straightforward. That’s where Rezzonator Services steps in. With a track record of successfully licensing numerous Liquor Stores, we streamline the process, allowing you to concentrate on growing your venture.

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